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Intuition Episode 2

Learn how intuition works on a scientific level and unlock your abilities to always have the insider truth to make the best decisions for you and your life.


Hi guys my name is Alessandro and I’m the founder of Guide Light Healing and I want to welcome you to our mini series on intuition.


Today, what I want to start to talk about is sort of the science of intuition and maybe some of you out there watching might be asking, “Wait. There’s a science to intuition?” There actually is. What most people don’t really realize right now, is the whole spiritual and energetic world is actually about 88% backed up by science.


Most of us think that our predominant form of communicating with people is in the voice. There is all this information, there is all this research that says 93% of the information that we are not aware of is getting communicated and actually given priority in how people react to us and how situation and circumstance and this physical universe responds to us is dictated by this communication coming off the body.


I want to take you to an experience that most of us have had before. And this is a really early on example of intuition. Now, we’ve all been at some kind of gathering in some kind of room or probably a bigger room where we’re sitting and maybe we’re talking with one or a few friends and during this conversation somebody comes walking into that space and we either have an immediate reaction of, “Ooo! Who is that person over there? Ooo! There’s something special about them. Hey, would you guys hold on for a second? I’m gonna go up and I wanna go see if I can go meet that person.” Right? We’ve had that. 


There’s nothing about them that we could read, there is no billboard on them, we just had this feeling. This pull or the opposite of we’ve all been in a room, we’ve been in conversation, we catch a look over of someone who walks in and we go, “Oh my god. Don’t look over there. There’s something very wrong with them. I know my luck with these situations. We are going to attract that person over here. We should go now.”


Most people don’t realize this is an intuitive reaction in a situation. So how does intuition work?


The human body has electricity moving through it. Every cell generates electricity. And with electricity it creates this field around the electrical impulse. And science has called this an electromagnetic field.


Now, what science has found is that it’s this field that actually shapes and dictates matter. So how does intuition come into play in this?


Well, the just like the way a person walked into a room and we had a reaction of, “Ooo I wanna go meet this person,” or we had the reaction of “Oh my god, I gotta run,” whatever that reaction was, it was off intuition.


The frequencies in the broadcasts that I would say is written in this either soul field or EMF has all this detailed information and it’s not something that is actually hindered by the physical universe. When the information gets sent out, it gets sent out to the furthest reaches of the ethers technically. So with that being said, there is all this information coming off the bodies. 


Going back to the thing of when that person comes in the room, when we are communicating and that stuff embeds itself into the field into the soul field and starts to go out into the ethers we all have this ability whether we know it or not to feel and to interpret either consciously or subconsciously.


If we spend enough time learning the variations in the EMF, and all these other things, that there is specific information in here. There is a push and pull the universe is reacting to and this is the foundation to intuition


Intuition has this ability to be this very scientific, precise instrument. There just hasn’t been much schooling and teaching and understanding in the world and most people haven’t reached these levels because of the lack of information.


And somebody who trains their intuition consciously can start to decode a decrypt this and start to know things about what the universe is planning, what the person is a match to in their life, what their creating, what they are going to create and this is where we jump into the whole world of amazing tools with intuition


Intuition is not this mythical thing. And it would so benefit you in this lifetime in every aspect of it to be able to touch and get in touch with this field and to understand the very specific information in it because in doing that we can pick better partners in our life. We can better understand our partners. We can better understand our kids. We can better understand our careers and the obstacles and how to get around them, how to avoid things. We can even apply it to financial decisions. The sky is the limit what we can do with this.


Those of you watching today, I hope you’ve gotten an incredible amount of clarity on what is intuition. And I hope even further you now know it is a very scientific thing and it is not this fake thing, this ethereal idea out there. It is something concrete something that you can get incredible at and it is the same thing as learning a language.


This is no different and there are people in the world who have gotten so good at reading this information that why can tell you so much about yourself. Every single teacher at this school has this razor sharp instrument that they’ve developed and they can help you in the most incredible ways.


But more importantly we can teach you how to do this. We can give you the foundations and not only the foundation to lead you to 100% accurate information but we can take you to the highest levels of being advanced to where if you want to use this in a career or go into being an intuitive and changing people’s live we can give you those skill sets.


With that being said, my name is Alessandro. I’m the founder of Guided Light Healing. We have some more intuition videos that we are releasing really soon. I hope today was super enjoyable to you. I hope it was super clarifying and I will see you guys soon with the next video. Thank you.

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