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Megan has been my teacher and now dear friend and healer over the last six months.  She has become a true mentor to me in ways that feel magical and soulful.  Her teaching has always been deeply supportive and encouraging.  I have learned so much from her.  Plus, she doesn't miss a thing!  She's thorough, crystal clear whilst also being effortlessly fun.  That's the environment for true learning.  Soul learning.  I'll be an eternal student of Megan's!  If you're fortunate to have her teach and heal you, I guarantee it'll be an enriching, life enhancing experience.

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Megan, you are a magical soul in a human body that has been given the chance for you to share your wisdom, knowledge, love, compassion, and has been granted the way to teach millions of humans all that you know. Who holds the power to know how to guide and change peoples lives in ways that they themselves can never do on their own. You have a way of understanding everyone that makes them feel especial, heard, acknowledged, loved, cherished, and special (I just sneezed). To be able to have the opportunity to have had a session with you is the biggest gift I could have had. You are the shining star that one wishes to find within oneself. You have such a soft and beautiful voice when you speak to someone that allows them to feel special and unique. You made sure that you  answered all the questions I had, using your on point intuition to help me experience the biggest shift shows how dedicated you are to helping change peoples life’s. You aren’t just amazing at what you do but you eat, live, breath the spiritual life and that’s what makes you so incredible at what you do. The fact that you live it everyday, every second of your life makes you a master at knowing and being able to tailor it and make it unique to each person and that’s what makes you the best at what you do!! Thank you endlessly.

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As a healer, Megan has the gift of making you really feel at peace, and when I say really at peace, I mean it. She brings so much laughter and calming energy while working with her. You will never feel judged or scolded for any issue you bring up. She welcomes everything with open arms and her intuitive advice is always so spot on. She has the perfect way of getting through all the roadblocks and finding the answer to any issue. She takes the time that is needed to find the perfect solution. She has so many tools and so much knowledge in every area of life! She is an intuitive master, Megan is a gem! You will feel right at home with her and be blown away by her abilities.

Meet Megan

A rarity in the world, Megan, at the age of 23, began the conscious focus of completing her 10,000 hours mastery in the areas of healing and intuition.In order to guarantee her success, she sought out and trained under one of the best healer/ teachers in the world with over 10,000 hours mastery in the healing, intuitive, dark force, and teaching world. It was here she has pushed beyond the limits and understandings of what the majority in the healing world learn. She had learned true 1000 frequency understandings, tools, laws and healings that she uses to change countless lives with.


Also on this journey, she discovered the need and her passion for emotional mastery: the ability to maintain emotional control in the hardest of situations that most of the world never go on to achieve.Knowing that every person on the planet could benefit from this skill, she has spent years overcoming the obstacles that presented themselves with this curriculum and learned how to pass on this knowledge in the most profound ways to others. Striving to personally master emotions at the highest levels to be the most effective healer possible. A key that defines a greatness that only a select few possess.


Over the course of her journey she progressed from a most promising student to the highest role of COO At Guided Light Healing inc. before the age of 30. Her high conscious understandings and remarkably precise, scientific intuition allows her to be the most capable at creating high frequency changes in people’s lives.

With all that fancy stuff out of the way, I’m a person who has gone through it so you don’t have to




A new way to change your life without overwhelm or dependency. Getting you to the life you love through soul balance and having your perfect solutions simply land in your lap.

In these sessions, we'll address everything you need to hone right into the highest, clearest answers and perfect action-step inspirations that will lock you into a future trajectory filled with more of what you love and have them come in with seamless effort. Aligning your thoughts, emotions, actions and energy in a precise way so these brilliant, soul-aligned solutions come through you, not me.


During these sessions I will…

  • Paint a beautiful picture of what’s going on, why you’re in the situations you’re in, and what needs to be known to move beyond them 

  • Harmonize your biggest pains and held traumas that are limiting your life potentials with your soul’s big picture clarity, agenda and gifts

  • Get to the root of what you really want so we can build your future on what will actually matter years later

  • Connect you with the state you need to embody to have your perfect solution come in with least resistance that you won't miss

  • Attuning your internal and external environment into the most powerful attractors of the clarity and inspired actions towards the outcomes you truly want


What’s included…

  • A 25 minute audio addressing all of the relevant pieces of information and awarenesses you need to achieve the soul balance that’s necessary for your perfect, Source answers and solutions to come in loud and clear

  • A 20 minute live Zoom session with Megan to answer questions and make any final harmonizations to your energy and focuses for best possible results

  • A recoding of the live session emailed to you after the session

45 minutes
*Split payment options available upon request*

Have a question?

If you have any specific questions about this service or want to reach out to Megan, reach out to us at and we will get back to you promptly!

Book with Megan

Aly T.

Thank you for all the guidance yesterday! It was all super helpful. Last night and this morning I have been feeling really good!!! I feel a lot lighter, more energetic and just overall happy and present!

Because of YOU I felt super confident and worthy, so I convinced my company to let me work for their competitor, convinced the hosting job to make it a union job, and asked for a good rate which ended up doubling because of overtime. I feel like my entire mindset about money and self-worth has shifted because of you!

Julie M.

Megan has an amazing, precise and mind blowing intuition!! Beautiful inside and out, she is one of the most gifted healers out there.


Whether you are struggling with your health, finances, career or relationship, Megan is able to give you a clear overview and specific solutions to guide you to break those barriers and heal. When I say specific, I MEAN IT. Like, down to the percentage, it’s insane.

Such an amazing person, friend, high frequency being, bright star and life changer. Be ready for a total transformation of your life and what you thought was possible. This girl is a genius!

Tasha J.

One of my favorite things about Megan is that in the same way she motivates us to grow and expand into our full potential, she pushes herself in the same regard. She is always challenging herself to be better. Her dedication to her own growth is a tremendous asset to her students because week after week she shows up as her best self, which in turn benefits everyone. A true leader is one who leads by example and that’s exactly what she does. 


In class, Megan creates the safest space for us to show up exactly as ourselves. I always feel supported asking questions and expressing my thoughts because I know they will be met with loving attention. 


What really makes her special and sets her apart is the accuracy of her intuitive abilities. She can intuitively pinpoint the best place for each of her students to apply a new tool or skillset, giving the most personalized experience in a group setting. 


I’ve truly enjoyed being one of Megan’s students. She has the biggest heart and it continuously shines through in her teaching. 

Caitlyn R.

Megan is my go to babe for intuition. She’s powerful in her ability to channel, translate and lay the groundwork’s for the answers you’ve been seeking. Her whole life goes into this work and you won’t anyone out there like her. Every time I leave her presence, I have a deeper understanding of what’s been causing me to repeat patterns in my life.


She offers tremendous clarity that creates lasting results. If you commit, she will meet you there fully. To work with Megan is a rare opportunity I personally wouldn’t pass up. 

Joanne C.

Megan is a truly beautiful person inside and out! During my session she was such a calming force and helpful guide. She explained everything clearly, answered all of my questions and made me want to learn everything there is to learn. I'm excited to continue this journey and there is no one else I would want to help guide me along the way. Her light is exactly what the world needs!

Megan's Words & Actions

Megan's Words/Actions
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