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Master Courses

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with Alessandro Giannetti

A 10-week course designed to put the fun back into your process for resolving life's obstacles and reignite passion and flow back into your daily life. Completely weed out any subconscious blocks or fight or flight programming stopping you from experiencing ease and certainty with decoding and solving reflections. Lay down a new foundation topped with advanced, cutting-edge tools to effortlessly get to the right core and the right solve to turn any obstacle into a remarkable life opening.

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with Alessandro Giannetti

A 6-week hybrid course designed to help you harness the greatest power you possess - your emotions. With the tools, neuroscience and spiritual laws taught in this course, you will be able to unlock your hidden genius, supercharge your intuitive clarity and hit peak performance with your greatest skills that can only come with emotional control. Watch your relationships, decision-making, manifesting success and happiness skyrocket to awe-inspiring with just one investment.

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with Alessandro Giannetti

This 4-week hybrid course is designed to empower students with a usable, reliable intuitive skill set. Learn the science of intuition, the fundamentals to have always accurate intuition, energy management techniques to eliminate negative outside influence, and an intuition training regimen to be able to improve your gifts well after you've completed the course. This course is perfect for beginners but is also an essential resource for advanced intuitives. 


with Alessandro Giannetti

A 10 week virtual course designed to teach you the scientific formula for manifesting that you won't find anywhere else. Whether you want to change your financial situation, find love, build a successful career, or just in general feel happy, proud, and in control of your life, this new formula is your solution. Master the lifelong skill that will enable you to curate the perfect life that's aligned with your truest self.


with Alessandro Giannetti

A 6-week hybrid course designed to reconnect you to your most powerful, highest conscious self. Cultivate a bullet proof love and awe for yourself and your own life now so you can finally experience the unconditional love, priority and recognition you've always deserved. Unlock your greatest and fun-to-use abilities to design your amazing life, rise above the heaviness and limitations of life, and develop the lifelong habits that will make your inner knowing of what's the right move clear and obvious. 


with Alessandro Giannetti

This two level hybrid course with live check in classes, is designed to forever transform your life and relationship with money. Through this course, learn the scientific, energy laws money abides by to permanently repair your relationship with money and always be empowered by it.

Gain the tools to supercharge your money magnetism and streamline the expansion of your creative, soul-aligned ideas into wealth amassing careers and businesses.

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with Alessandro Giannetti

This game-changing two level course is designed to teach students about the energetic world that most are unaware of and that science is slowly catching up to understanding. Just as there are physical parasites in the world there are also energetic parasites that cause just as much if not more harm. Through this course get your power back. Get informed. Get back in control of your thoughts, bodies, and emotions. Protect yourself from the harmful energies that are invisible to the eye and maintain your positive light.

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with Alessandro Giannetti

A group class designed to help students identify the biggest block in the way of achieving success and happiness in their lives, and provide them with the best tools and understandings to overcome that block. Get the same life-changing results of a private session just spread out into weekly focuses.

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with Alessandro Giannetti

This incredible three level hybrid course is designed to empower students with the most incredibly reliable and precise intuitive skillset. In this course, get a mastered, in-depth understanding of intuition on a scientific level, the tools to master your emotions and intuitive clarity, how to perform accurate future and past reads, how to see the world through another's perspective, and learn how to share your mastered gifts through the most successful intuitive business.



with Alessandro Giannetti

This total life-enhancing 4-week hybrid course will overhaul the internal default programming so that you can finally trust your fight or flight responses and natural impulses to push you towards your greatest successes and the most fulfilling life. By learning how to live your life in alignment with the highest frequency models available, you'll experience an overall life enhancement that would impossible to achieve with the models we are given by the world.


with Alessandro Giannetti

This incredible two level course is designed to teach students the empowering reality of how relationships work on an energetic and spiritual level. Relationships are the core makeup of our lives. When we know how to use them, every relationship in our lives can become the perfect tool we use to create massive positive change in our lives. If you are looking to find the perfect partner or find love and happiness for your life, mastering relationships is your one stop shop to shifting everything.

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      "Our Mission is to empower you with the tools and abilities to change your life so we can change the world together"

                                   ~ AG 

Our Philosophy

      "Our Mission is to

empower you with the tools

and abilities to change

your life so we can

change the world together"

                                                 ~ AG 
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“With all the years and experience and knowledge he has behind him, you will only be left wanting more from Alessandro. ”

— Mari D.

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“Alessandro is the first person to open my eyes to looking at money as energy! He gives amazing advice for this in easy and digestible ways to implement right away.”

— Julie H.



Many of us struggle in life with trying to do things the human way. The truth is we are energetic beings in physical bodies. The physical human approach way will garner missed opportunities.


Our energetic and physical forms come from a magnificent place and because of this we have magnificent unrealized abilities. The sole purpose of this school is to help you remember that. To help you get in touch with your higher self and all it's mastery. 

This School's energy work, outlooks, and teachings are completely

life transforming. Guided Light Healing offers some of the following: Guided Light Healing, Channeling, Distance Healing, Distance Healing on Large Groups, Spiritual Surgery, Life Event/ Physical World Event Shifting, Energy Manipulation, Past Life Healing and Clearing, Soul Karma, Soul Recovery Work, Chi Kung, and much more. Among its techniques, a favorite is

DNA, Mind, and Body Reprogramming.



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