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"What is Guided Light Healing?"

We get asked this all the time.


As one of the most powerful, high-frequency healing modalities in the world and a leading-edge healing school for the masses, there's a lot to explain.

Watch the video below to learn who we are and what we are all about...

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This is the classroom picture of Guided Light Healing. It has high oxygen producing plants. Mirriors in the background and meditation chairs with fuzzy blankets.

Healing School

Many of us struggle in life with trying to do things the human way. The truth is we are energetic beings in physical bodies. The physical human approach way will garner missed opportunities. Our energetic and physical forms come from a magnificent place and because of this we have magnificent unrealized abilities. The sole purpose of this school is to help you remember that. To help you get in touch with your higher self and all its mastery. 

This School's energy work, outlooks, and teachings are completely

life transforming. Guided Light Healing offers some of the following: Guided Light Healing, Channeling, Distance Healing, Distance Healing on Large Groups, Spiritual Surgery, Life Event/ Physical World Event Shifting, Energy

Manipulation, Past Life Healing and Clearing, Soul Karma, Soul Recovery Work, Chi Kung, and much more. Among its techniques, a favorite is

DNA, Mind, and Body Reprogramming.

This is a Picture of alessandro the founder of guided light healing standing at the edge of a cliff. The sun is just out of view to the right in an evening sunset. There are green plants covering the mountain and blue sky.

Healing Modality

Physical beings on this planet vibrate within the frequency range of 100 to 1000. The majority of humans on this planet vibrate at around 186. The planet vibrates at about 233. The higher we get on this frequency scale, the more we embrace our Source selves and Source abilities. Beings such as Buddha and Christ vibrated at 1000 frequency. At this frequency, they were able to accomplish miracles and global change humanity still speaks of and remembers today. They were not beings here to be worshipped but beings here to show us our capabilities.


Every healing modality serves a purpose. Western Medicine (190), Exercise (210), Dieting (220), Chiropractic (292), Acupuncture (371), Reiki (391), Chi Kung (415)... Think of these as rungs on a ladder. The higher our frequency gets, the higher the healing frequency is needed to bring about healing and change. Also, the higher the frequency the faster the change. Guided Light Healing is one of the highest frequency healing modalities in the world at 1000. Because of this high frequency, it will not fail to deliver results or be outgrown. 


Our greatest power doesn't come from within. It comes from Source, and we are the conduits that channel Source's power.

This is a picture of Alessandro the founder of Guided Light Healing sitting on a wooden path at the ocean in Malibu. Hea is wearing a grey sweatshit with a hood on and a healing sugilite necklace.

Meet Founder & CEO, Alessandro

Guided Light Healing's Founder and CEO has over 34+ years of experience in the healing world and has well over 10,000+ hours of mastery throughout his career integrating science into spiritual, developing a remarkable, scientifically precise intuitive skill set, and pioneering the latest, greatest spiritual science discoveries that continuously shatter the limits of what's possible for a person to achieve in their life.

Starting at very young age, Alessandro discovered his talent for changing lives that grew into the successful business massively changing thousands of people's lives that he is widely known for now. Through his years of experience and exceptional intuitive abilities, Alessandro has become one of the best in the business when it comes to providing the most profound, crystal clear clarity, the most effective, reliable solutions, and the most powerful healings to empower anyone at any level to create the biggest, noticeable shifts towards a meaningful life full of endless abundance, success and happiness they've always dreamed of. Specializing in healing sickness and disease, he has been able to create some of the most profound spiritual education programs empowering people with the tools to financial freedom, professional intuition development, dark forces energy protection, scientific manifesting success, mastery over all relationships in life, and ultimate self love, acceptance and mastery.

Alessandro Bio

Meet Chief Operating Officer, Megan

A rarity in the world, Megan, at the age of 23, began the conscious focus of completing her 10,000 hours mastery in the areas of healing and intuition.

In order to guarantee her success, she sought out and trained under one of the best healer/ teachers in the world with over 10,000 hours mastery in the healing, intuitive, dark force, and teaching world. It was here she has pushed beyond the limits and understandings of what the majority in the healing world learn. She had learned true 1000 frequency understandings, tools, laws and healings that she uses to change countless lives with.

Also on this journey, she discovered the need and her passion for emotional mastery: the ability to maintain emotional control in the hardest of situations that most of the world never go on to achieve.

Knowing that every person on the planet could benefit from this skill, she has spent years overcoming the obstacles that presented themselves with this curriculum and learned how to pass on this knowledge in the most profound ways to others. Striving to personally master emotions at the highest levels to be the most effective healer possible. A key that defines a greatness that only a select few possess.

Over the course of her journey she progressed from a most promising student to the highest role of COO At Guided Light Healing inc. before the age of 30. Her high conscious understandings and remarkably precise, scientific intuition allows her to be the most capable at creating high frequency changes in people’s lives.

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