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Enjoy hours of our free video content that will give you tools, knowledge, and understanding that will enhance every area of your life. Click on one of the buttons below to access the free video lessons geared towards a specific area of life. We recommend starting with the area that’s most interesting to you. 

Where do you want to experience the biggest positive change
in your life NOW?

Cover photo for Guided Light Healings healing the body programs. Photo of a woman with brown hair flowing down her back in a puple long sleeve shirt. She is in nature with her hands stretched up into the open air bathing in light. She is in front of a lake in the woods.

My Body


Making More Money

Cover Photo for Guided Light Healing's Manifesting Courses. Photo is of a woman holding up her right hand against a gold sky background. The sun is directly behind her body. Her hair is curly and blowing to her left shoulder.

Manifesting the Success I Want


Protection From Negative Energy

Picture of a winter background with 30ft bare trees in the background in the daytime. A person has kicked a block of icy snow on the ground and it bursts into all directions.

Overcoming Blocks in My Life

Cover Photo for Guided Light Healing relationships courses. Picture of a man and woman about to kiss this the sun behind their faces just breaking through the space between thier faces. The man and woman are almost blacked out because all the light is behind them.

Having Better Relationships

alex-perez-R8Hco_-WcxQ-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

Unlocking My Intuitive Gifts

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