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Begin your mastery of ultimate energy protection. Discover the game-changing tools and understandings you won't find anywhere else that you need to rid yourself of these highly prevalent energetic blocks that are impacting your job, health, and relationships.

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Science has for years proven that in order for something to exist in our physical world it has to have an energetic counterpart. Just as parasites exist in the physical world, they also exist in the energetic. Our Souls being the matching energetic bodies to our physical bodies. Fear based teachings that are still deep-rooted into our society like "if we can't see something it must not exist", instill the opposite ideas in us. Ideas that can lead to dire consequences.


Take for example a pristine glass of nourishing water. To the naked eye, the liquid looks drinkable and replenishing. Yet, under a microscope, it can actually contain a deadly bacteria. Just as there are countless physical forms that can cause us harm, there are also countless energetic forms that will do the same. In many ways causing more harm because they can go completely undetected for years.


Among all the energetic threats we can encounter, the ones that exist in the second realm are the most detrimental. Our whole existence can be broken down into seven realms. These realms outline and guide our progression as growing souls, our expansion of consciousness and ascension back to Source or whichever word you use for our home base energy. As human beings existing in the third of the seven realms, any beings from the other realms will be invisible to our physical eye. Their existence being on an entirely different spectrum than our physical bodies.


Beings from the second realm are some of the most dangerous and toxic to us due to how they survive. No being in any of the seven realms can survive without Source energy and how they acquire this energy differs between the seven levels. Second realm beings need light to survive, just like our own physical bodies. Being disconnected from this source energy they can't live without, they have to take it from somewhere else. In the second realm, the mentality is survival of the fittest and they will take by force. It is food, wealth and power to these beings. To make it even worse, the brighter your energies are and the higher your consciousness is, you exponentially increase the likelihood you become their next source of nourishment. An unfortunate fate so many brilliant, bright beings fall prey to.


Second realm beings are extremely parasitic to the human life-force and heavily problematic to a human life. An encounter with these beings can be catastrophic in so many ways. The actual culprit behind too many of the personal tragedies and illnesses people have to endure their lives that they never get a clear explanation or solution for. Symptoms of one of these energies effecting your life are paralysis dreams, night terrors, thoughts of suicide, dark thoughts towards others, uncontrollable sweet tooth, specific parts of the body degrading, and much more.


Most people will experience their first encounter with a second realm being in a night terror or a paralysis dream. Science has many explanations for these but none of them are correct. The leading science theory is that these experiences are the result of a short delay in our brains coming back online after a night of sleep. However, any gifted intuitive or person with an open third eye can tell you that this is so far from what it actually is.


These beings have been given many names by man over the years. Names like Incubus, Succubus, Demons, Evil spirits, Demonic spirits, the Devil, ect. Although there are countless recordings and accounts of these beings, due to the lack of developed spiritual gifts in humans little has been accurately recorded about the second realm. What is accurate is that they do not belong in this world. The truth is that our third realm is flooded by these beings either by accident or because of dark human practices. They can be powerful, but not in comparison to a light being.


The sources of pure knowledge on what we need to know about the second realm and how to overpower them has been accessed by GLH and as a result, we have possibly the greatest tools in this universe to deal with and completely rid a person's life of the harmful effects these negative energies cause. By empowering every light being that crosses our path with the ability to successfully clear themselves on their own, so many have been able to regain their power and complete control over their lives. Start with the first episode of this incredible free, foundational series to get your life completely back in your own hands.

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Think you are suffering from a negative dark influence and need relief now? Are you drawn to know more about dark forces or learn effective techniques to protect you and your loved ones from these negative energy influences? 


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