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Breaking Barriers Series

Through this incredible series, become empowered by the obstacles in your life. Learn to be your own trusted life-consultant and how to listen to your own inner compass to accurately identify the biggest blocks in the way of the successes in your life so that you can make the best decisions to improve your relationships, finances, health and overall well being.

True change in life doesn't happen how we think it does. There are laws and conditions to creating true change that most don't about or know enough about. This is a process you can do on your own, but to get real results, you'll need the knowledge and tools taught in this series.

Start with Episode 1 to learn these life-changing tools.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Photo of Alessandro Giannetti founder and CEO od Guided Light Healing for Breaking Barriers Program. Wearing a whit button down shirt with dress pants. Walking against a mountain wall with ocean on the left

Barriers Program

A group class designed to help students identify the biggest block in the way of achieving success and happiness in their lives, and provide them with the best tools and understandings to overcome that block. Get the same life-changing results of a private session just spread out into weekly focuses.

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