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Meet Alessandro

Guided Light Healing's Founder and CEO has over 34+ years of experience in the healing world and has well over 10,000+ hours of mastery throughout his career integrating science into spiritual, developing a remarkable, scientifically precise intuitive skill set, and pioneering the latest, greatest spiritual science discoveries that continuously shatter the limits of what's possible for a person to achieve in their life.Starting at very young age, Alessandro discovered his talent for changing lives that grew into the successful business massively changing thousands of people's lives that he is widely known for now.


Through his years of experience and exceptional intuitive abilities, Alessandro has become one of the best in the business when it comes to providing the most profound, crystal clear clarity, the most effective, reliable solutions, and the most powerful healings to empower anyone at any level to create the biggest, noticeable shifts towards a meaningful life full of endless abundance, success and happiness they've always dreamed of. Specializing in healing sickness and disease, he has been able to create some of the most profound spiritual education programs empowering people with the tools to financial freedom, professional intuition development, dark forces energy protection, scientific manifesting success, mastery over all relationships in life, and ultimate self love, acceptance and mastery.


To me, deciding whether to work with Ale or not is a no-brainer. With what he can do it's always a yes!

Click the images to hear their stories in their own words!


With his incredible intuitive gifts during a session with him he will give you the exact tools that will give you immediate results in all areas of your life. You really cannot find this anywhere else. He really is the best! He’s like no other!


...he really just lined everything up and flipped my life upside down in the best possible way.


He is someone who has transformed my life and I've just been a witness to the amazing amount of lives that he's transformed.


Cover Photo for Alessandro's Full Private Healing. Headshot of Alessandro founder of the healing modality Guided Light Healing. He is wearing a light blue henley with the sleeves rolled up and one arm across his chest and mountain rocks in the background

Full Private Healing Session

These sessions are about accomplishing the greatest shift and life changes possible. This is the most effective fife change and soul shift you can experience with Alessandro. It's hard to put into words what goes on here for every person is different. 


These tend to be all encompassing session. Whatever is most needed gets addressed first. This tends to be a life altering experience for most and often includes tools, energy work, intuition, and incredible awakenings for the individual. Payment plans are available on request.

$2,200 - $2,288
1 hr 15 minutes
*Split payment options available upon request*
Cover Photo for Speaking Engagements Full shot of Alessandro founder of the healing modality Guided Light Healing. His in one of the classrooms at his schools teaching a teacher training class. The floors are golden wood and there are mirrors on the front wall behind him. There are green plants around the room and his students are sitting in the meditation chairs circled up. Alessandro is wearing a white James Perse Shirt and Black James Perse Sweatpants.

Speaking Engagement


Seminars are available for all situations. Some of those include: Mastering Financial, Business Operation, Creating Businesses, Mastering Relationships in Personal or Vocational, Mastering Self Love, Mastering Balance in Life, Mastering Health, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual & Energetic Healing of Self and Others... Typically seminars start around 2 hours and increase in time depending on needs. They usually consist of meditation, lecture, group work, and some sort of energetic healing for the group.  

Starting rate
*Split payment options available upon request*

2 Part Full Private Healing Session

These sessions give you the same life-changing experience of a full private healing session but is broken into 2 separate sessions.

This type of session is best for people to work best by focusing on one thing at a time and having more hands on help to stay on track with the actions they need to keep up with their goals.

If you aren't sure which version is best for you, we can intuitive test for you which will be more effective for you specifically.

$2,200 - $2,288
Two 40 minute sessions
*Split payment options available upon request*
Cover Photo of Alessandro the Founder & CEO of Guided Light Healing Distance Energy work. Alessandro is wearing a blue rag and bone henley with the sleeves rolled up. He is wearing dark blue Vince jeans. The mountain rocks are a golden brown in the background. Alessandro has a gentle smile looking into the sunset. He is standing at the edge of a cliff in Malibu.

Distance Energy


This is for a distance healing energy work need. No discussion necessary. 

This includes the following and more.

-Soul Retrieval Work

-Healings for Specific Imbalance

-Soul Karma

-Energy Body Work 

-Career Energy Work

-Negative Energy Release

-Negative Energy Removal

$1,500 - $1,560
We will confirm when the work is completed.
*Split payment options available upon request*
Cover Photo GLH Session Check-ins. Half shot of Alessandro founder of the healing modality Guided Light Healing. He is wearing a gray cashmere sweater with the sleeves rolled up. He is rubbing his hands together. The picture is of his side profile and he is looking into the sun. The background is of the Malibu ocean

Check In


These are geared towards specific and general questions, direction, and clarity or for clients who have previously worked privately with Alessandro and have just a few specific questions for him.

$1,300 - $1,352
36 minutes
*Split payment options available upon request*
Cover Photo of Alessandro in his session room for Recorded Healings for specific Imbalance. The Founder and CEO of Guided Light Healing. He is sitting in his white cloth and gold legged Restoration Hardware chair reading a book laughing. Many of his book are off to the left of him. A restoration Hardware lamp with a black shade is behind him providing light. He is in a black James Perse hoodie and James Perse Sweat pants.

Recorded Healing for

Specific Imbalance

In an attempt to get people to their desired goals in the least amount of sessions possible. I create a audio healings to be done on a repeating basis for a specified amount of time. Each of these are unique are specific to each individual. These have greatly helped in reducing the amount of energy work sessions needed.

$1,100 - $1,144
30-40 minute audio recording
*Split payment options available upon request*
Profile Headshot of Alessandro the Founder & CEO of Guided Light Healing. He is in a button up sweater with his back toward a rock wall at the Malibu beach. His hair is tied back in a bun and he is seriously staring into the ocean. He has a short beard and green eyes.

Have a question?

If you're not sure which session is best for what you need or if you have any questions about payment options or working with Alessandro, reach out to us at and we will get back to you promptly!

Book with Ale

Valerie Morehouse,
Voice Coach to the Stars

Alessandro has become a household name in the entertainment industry.

Mike Posner,
Grammy Nominated Artist

Working with Alessandro is one of the most life changing experiences I have had. Take that step. 

President/CEO of Wurrly

Alessandro is the most intuitive healer that I have ever met. Truly gifted, he has provided me with quicker results than I ever thought possible and given me an arsenal of life-changing tools, all the while remaining kind, gentle and without judgement.

Multi-Grammy Producer

Alessandro's clarity and direction have time and again proven invaluable in my life. To say I trust him with my life would be an understatement.

Multi-Hit Recording Artist

This guy will change your life for the better in ways you never thought were possible.

Alessandro Interviews

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UnF*ck Yourself

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