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The Car Back Story by Megan…


Be careful what you wish for. <— no truer words have been said to me as of late.


For months I have innocently been thinking to myself, “Huh, wouldn’t a new car be nice?” Having quick little moments where I was out and wished I had a nicer car. It popping in my head to do car maintenance but immediately thinking, “nah I don’t need to invest in this car right now.” 


I really should have known something was up when my Instagram account got hacked and they posted I got a new car. But I didn’t. I just let the thoughts fly by…


So here I am secretly (well secret only to me) wanting a new car and of course, as Source works in its brilliant ways, I ended up in a minor car accident. When I say minor I mean minor. No one was hurt, minimal damage. But of course Source took this as an opportunity to give me a lesson and a new car. (Well and everyone else).


Yep, my car somehow got totaled. I cannot express to you how absurd that result was. I 100% did not think that when I dropped my car off to get fixed that day that I would never see that car again. Even the people in my life were baffled. It still makes me laugh honestly. Source sure is funny!


Anyways, very quickly the reality sunk in, “Crap, now I need to get a new car.” 


I really had not planned to make this decision any time soon. I had no clue what kind of car I wanted. Model, make, used, new, color, all of it - no clue. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. 


Not to mention factoring in my spiritualness, my thoughts start to spin in my head of what kind of car truly resonates with my core self? I don’t wanna go human on this. What would I actually like and still like 5-6 years from now? 


Over the years I’ve truly realized how important even our simplest decisions can be. Influential to elevating your life, opening your wealth potentials and increasing your happiness everyday. And this one is quite a big one. A long term investment. Also knowing how emotional I was, I did my own little intuitive poking but then sought out Alessandro to get his Source perspective on what I’d love.

The read above is what he pulled for me.

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