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Dark Forces Episode 1

Begin uncovering the hidden, misunderstood world of Dark Forces and dive into the science of how they work on an emotional level.


Hi my name is Alessandro and I'm the founder of Guided Light Healing and I want to welcome you to a completely brand-new series that we’re putting out.


This series is called Dark Forces. It has to be one of the most misunderstood topics that I've ever come across. Every single person who hears about it is like, “Nooo I don't need that”… and funny enough, about 99.9% of the people out there don't realize that this is something that's affecting their jobs, their relationships, their decisions, their choices and even their cravings.


In this series, you’re gonna find out that this is a very practical thing that every single person on the planet needs to learn about. We essentially are mini creators not unlike Source. We are just scaled down versions of what source can do and the science of what we do is actually pretty simple.


We have these fields around us. At Guided Light Healing, we call this our creator field. In scientific speaking terms, what our field has is a set of instructions. Sort of a script, be it, that you hand out to other people, situations, and essentially all matter.


Now with this script, what it is doing, whether you know it or not, consciously or subconsciously, you are controlling every single piece of light and matter around you. Most people don't realize how they're doing this, but take it from me today, it’s something that you can learn from our other courses, you are. You are controlling everything. Now just as the same as your controlling every single situation, circumstance, how people talk to us, how losing your keys and all those types of things are somehow the byproduct of something you put into your creator field.


Now just the same way that you're positively creating and shaping light, the same thing happens when human beings, the emotional creatures they are… they catch an emotion. And sometimes it's hate, anger, jealousy, and what we would like to start out by calling this is absence of light energies - heavy energies. They act as sort of black clouds on people on their lives and other people's lives. Everything that exists in the positive also exists in the negative.


So with that being said, all light is balanced out by absence of light. As far as dark forces is concerned, what happens is that is actually the absence of light when something causes a rise in our emotions. Maybe we see something great and it puts a smile on our face or we see something and it scares us, it terrifies us - this initiates the process of energy work. We-we essentially get hijacked by our emotions. We fall to that heavy place of fear or anger, jealousy, whatever the emotions we typically feel on an almost daily basis. I mean if you want to feel these, just jump out in traffic hour.


In these situations what happens is our human brains are so fast, they’re so smart, we start catch thoughts of, “Ah this person - this person needs to be taken down a peg or two.” Right? These thoughts happen all the time, but what we don't realize is the second these thoughts start to go, our emotions kick up and now we have engaged our creator field and creator abilities.


What this means is we are now in control of all matter in this universe. We can use this in a positive way or negative way. But what typically happens is as a person starts to have ill will towards another person, even if it's temporary, they don't realize how much damage that could possibly do.


Once you get into the space of the negative emotions and wanting somebody to come down a peg or two, or any version of that, we are so complex and complicated as humans that there are a million different types and scenarios and versions of that and… if you’re like me you’re like, “They totally deserved it.” That-that's our emotions getting the best of us. We are getting to a place that is not balanced and we are in a reactive, fight or flight state.


But it's these fight or flight states that put out the absence of light. The absence of expansion. The act-absence of clearing out and we actually put out a heaviness. We start the manipulate and control the matter around situations and even at people, in people and around them. And that's where the dark forces comes in.


So just by having a moment of venting of going to an angry space of going to a fear based place, we don't realize that we have just cast a cloud of energy over somebody else and this cloud is a cloud of heaviness.


It has an ability to essentially water down and drowned out the high frequency energy, the clarity that was there and we can actually start to affect the situation and circumstance around a person. And then if the consciousness isn't high enough when things start to go bad for them, what they do? They fall into that negative place. And over time if their world around them does not lighten up, what happens? They can't shift out of it. It's not exactly that our words have power.


But it's when we get in control of our creator fields in either a light or absence of light way that we can affect another person's life. We can affect their situation and circumstance. We can affect how they feel. Emotions are contagious.


There is so much about the human body and-and how we are built on a scientific level, and on an energetic level that people don't know and we’re essentially these cannons running around firing in all directions and-and not really understanding that it's us that are throwing the cannonballs at people that we love it and the people that we've come in contact with.


As things sort of linger, as arguments and in disdain and things like jealousy out there continue to exist around you, those things almost certainly are affecting your life. Those things are certainly laying down your thoughts, are influencing your emotions and the beautiful alignments that you’re building in your life to achieve your manifestations are being affected by this stuff all the time.


I want you guys to start to think about and start to realize it’s not about changing right now, but it's about understanding: “Wait a minute. I've always believed there is something special about myself and now science supports that we have these amazing creator fields, and we influence and direct every single piece of matter around us and around the planet?”


That’s a big, big concept to take in. “Yeah. O-okay. Yeah, yeah. I’m in. I’m gonna start to learn how to get in control and I’m gonna start to learn what affects this.”


It is the combination of our thoughts, the recurring thoughts sort of the dog with a bone thoughts that we get, connected with negative emotions that literally will start to control our actions which will give us full access to our creator field in a negative way.


There are so many different avenues of dark forces out there and in order to get good at protecting yourself and protecting those you love from it, you have to understand it first and this is the first part of our journey to go through to understand the different types of dark forces. To understand that there is light and everything in this universe has a polar opposite and there is absence of light.


No matter how beautiful of person you are, if you've fallen into negative emotion then you have definitely broadcasted and created dark forces either around your life, or other people's lives and in for the most part… we have these beautiful, powerful, subconscious brains and we don't realize when we’re doing this.


So for this first week, what I want you guys to focus on is starting to-to realize: “Where are my emotions at this very time and very place?”, “What is my brain starting to hang on?”, and “What are my emotions?”


And then what I want to do from that space, I want you look around and I want you to see, “How am I affecting things right now?”


Just by being in a negative emotional state - our emotions are highly contagious. You can be up to 64% contagious with your emotions just by being around somebody and that is a form of dark forces. Okay, just being the same room with somebody having heavy emotions, you are 63% influential over their emotions. If they were having a great day, you are essentially hitting them with this massive 63% decline in what they're feeling at the moment.


Mastery and power are your divine right and I want you start to get in control of your gifts. I want you to start to open your eyes and ask the questions of, “Wow, have these things in my life been dark force moments? Have these things been affecting me all along?” And-and this is gonna be an eye-opening week and when we get back to our next video we’re-we’re gonna go further down into the dark force pathway and you guys are gonna be more enlightened, more empowered and more able to protect yourself, more able to create success in relationships, careers, with money, in every area that you may have felt held back.


So with that being said, I want to thank you guys for joining in this first video. I'm really excited about this series. You guys are gonna learn so much and you’re gonna start to regain control of your life and it will be a beautiful thing. My name is Alessandro. I’m the founder of Guided Light Healing and welcome to the dark force series.

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