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Empowerment that's Personalized.

The goal of our sessions is to provide you with the utmost clarity regarding your life and give you the perfect direction to lead you directly towards living out the fulfilling life you are meant to be living.

Get paired with the GLH Master Healer who is a perfect energetic match to you and learn the life-changing tools, tailored specifically to your unique energy, to help you heal your life with ease and astounding results.

Connect to your purpose.

Become confident in your abilities.

Fall in love with yourself and every aspect of your life.

Headshot of Steve an Actual Male Client of Alessandro

Healer & Musician


"Thank you Alessandro for all the awareness you have lead me to. You give SO much valuable information at any given time. I struggle to diligently keep up with it sometimes but I’m having some really cool breakthroughs right now."


Headshot of Joanne an Actual Female Client Alessandro worked with

Sales Manager


"Megan is a truly beautiful person inside and out! During my session she was such a calming force and helpful guide. She explained everything clearly, answered all of my questions and made me want to learn everything there is to learn. Her light is exactly what the world needs!"

Headshot of Mari an Actual Female Client and student of Alessandro's

Intuitive Energetic Healer


"I truly would never have been able to accomplish what my soul came here to do if I hadn't met Alessandro and signed up for his intuition course. Not a second of every day goes by that I don't use my intuition to help guide me to get me closer to my goals."


Cover photo for booking a private healing session at GLH. Two skydivers tandem are in the top left of the photo. The sun is reflecting of a large body of water in the evening. Sunset has gentle clouds in the sky.




This is the cover photo for booking a GLH complete intuitive body scan. Photo of a woman at the top of a mountain with her arms stretched out at the 2 and 10 positions. The sun is just out of picture at the top right corner. There are a mass of clouds in the lower left quarter of the photo.

Complete Intuitive Body Scan

Cover photo for enrolling in a GLH Course. Someone at a home office with coffee cup, sell phone, and laptop on desk. Window in background with a curtain half way across and light coming though. Can only see the arms typing on the computer.

Enroll in a



Cover Photo for booking a private intuitive reading at Guided Light Healing. Two hikers walking through a field towards a mountain covered in trees. The sun is setting at the top of that mountain just under the trees. Light is bursting through the branches. The field has tall grass and wild flowers.




Cover photo for the Intuitive Pet Health Work Up through GLH. Photo is of Alessandro and his beautiful dog Nahla playing on the beach. The ocean is in the background. Nahla is running past Alessandro. Alessandro is wearing a Vince cashmere zip up hoody. The sun is setting in the background.

Pet Health

Cover photo for booking a speaking engagement with Alessandro the Founder and CEO of GLH. It is a picture of an empty podium in a lecture hall. There is a black microphone on the podium. The seats are stadium seats with the flip up chair bottoms. The photo has a gray filter on it.

Book for a Speaking Engagement

Book Now
Intuitive Analyses

Need help? Have a question?

If you are unsure which of our booking options is best for what you need most in your life right now or wanna know more about an offering, let us help!


Use the button below to email our team and get intuitive insight on what is best for you!

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Want to book with Founder & CEO
Alessandro Giannetti?

The Founder & CEO of Guided Light Healing Modality Alessandro. Cover photo for booking sessions with Alessandro. He is at the top of a cliff holding a sugilite crystal pendant. In a Vince Light Blue Henley with sleeves rolled up

With over 34+ years experience in the healing world and dedicating over 10,000 hours learning the in's and out's of how the Universe works on a scientific level, Alessandro has developed an expertise in changing lives in record amounts of time.


Along with his incredible Scientifically accurate intuitive precision, Alessandro has acquired a long track record of empowering people to create massive, positive shifts in their lives and rise above even the most seemingly impossible of situations.

Working with Alessandro is truly an opportunity of a lifetime and available to you if you are ready to make the shift!


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Mailing Address:

10061 Riverside Dr. #534, Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Tel: 424-239-1962

Instagram: @glhschool


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